Thursday, 21 July 2011

Frank Laws Show Coming Up, Keep eyes peeled.

Frank Laws has spent the past 5 months in his studio, he only moves from his chair to refill his Le Crueset mug with milky Earl Grey tea, or to go outside and talk on the phone for ages.
He now sports a fully trendy beard which cutely houses a family of freelance mice who help him with web design and his internet passwords. Occasionally he'll wear headphones. It really is something to behold, a master at work. He used to be a bricklayer, y'know. So he's like, totally authentic, yeah. With an appreciation of things that are built with care & attention he has produced some new paintings which are based on and around housing estates in East London.
They actaully are rather good. If one owned some money one would purchase one for one's hise.

If you are on FaceFook you can check the event HERE.

If you are some sort of social pariah you can go on his web site HERE.

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