Tuesday, 3 January 2012

5 months later. 2012 NY res.1.1.0

Being a young dynamic urbanite with a desire for nice but essentially pointless stuff, I went to a shop called Urban Outfitters. They stock an expansive range of books, compact discs, clothes, shoes and plastic skulls. The staff are lithe & sexy, full of youth and very helpful in the way that a modern retail environment demands. I got some paint and some masking tape and an assistant called Sandy Fanny, we cracked out this muriel in a couple of days. The mini project will include some screen prints based on the mural which will be sold in the Oxford Street shop.

Interestingly all of the shop fitting is done in house. There is a fully functional workshop underneath the shop full of wood and people making things. There was also a room full of young girls giggling and eating tomato soup.

I was employed by employee of the month. Bingo! Good ol' boy.

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Dan said...

Nice work, these prints look great