Wednesday, 29 June 2011

From the rock.

Uncommon is a guide book to Malta & Gozo. It has extensive lists of all the best places to get a full english breakfast whilst being comfortingly surrounded by fellow English nationals & ex pats. Useful maps, detailing all the best hotels with swimming pools and tour bus trips for the truely unadventurous, laid on holiday.

Oh no, hang on that's not right.

This book is about all those other places, where stupid foriegners don't go. The secret secuded parts of the island. Let's hope the book doesn't get too popular or the whole island will be spoilt.

I drew a picture of (elephant) Man United. The Maltese love 'em.

Bloody English.

Anyway Emma Mattei & Jon Banthorpe have produced this lovely book.
It has some really great stuff in it.
Buy a copy and then burn it.

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BohemiaJewellery said...

I just got hold of this wonderful book and I'm going to reblog this post if you don't mind! Well done guys!