Thursday, 29 January 2009

Meanwhile back in Primrose Hill...

A flaccid blanket of insidious but strangely soothing stadium rock descended slowly over the nation, sales of Ugg boots drifted limply up, production of pastel cashmere jumpers pulsed slowly, steadily. Student men and professional woman went tentatively out into the streets, they voted with their feet and, "oh sorry, I err just wanted to umm, buy the new err Coldplay album, is that okay?"
The world had not been the same since, a slow burn of self indulgence, sound tracked by Snow Patrol. Reassuringly as with all trends, political or cultural, there will be a backlash, life with spit, blood and spleen the redux, the new tastes and desires will phase out this insipid gaseous time we are ambling through at middle aged pace.

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dazed said...

killer harsh but hideously witty.
what an observation.