Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Please help me, I have lost my moral compass. I can no longer tell right from wrong, good from bad taste or even if something is funny or not. I do not know what to blame for this influx of insecurity, maybe like Eminem I am all at sea. Pull your socks up lad, get a grip, it never mattered anyway. The only thing that counts is my own opinion, no that can't be right either. Wayward and morally bankrupt... maybe the government will put together a rescue package, a raft of measures to keep me afloat. I doubt it. I could become a public interest, owned by the tax payer, bound to a duty to them and their ideas of what is worthy of a drawing. Conclusions, parallels, lines, I dunno.
So here is the drawing at which point I lost my way. An Gorta Mor. The Great Hunger. Potato Print. I just don't know anymore. It's not a joke, I think I know that much.

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Viscount del Fuego said...

800 years - i'll kill you malt