Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Love all the people all of the time.

Payment received in a full bottle of Jameson 12 year old. Good job and good payment terms in these years of uncertainty, like for like or worth for worth. Restart the barter system perhaps?
Phasing out money, reintroduce goats, cows, camels, daughters etc How would you value a piece of art in this context? I will give you, one push bike, a brand new sauce pan and six CD's for that drawing. 

"Bruv, bruv can you spare some money? My wife's in hospital, I've just got out of prison and I need 50p to go see her right?"

"Err no but you can have this bike pump and my old travel card."

Microfinance on a Dalston scale? The end of money, cash is dead say the adverts, like they said CD's are the death of vinyl and email is the death of letter writing.
Sed8 magazine is on the streets for the more than reasonable price of FREE. 
Try swapping something for nothing.

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