Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Pretending to be clever.....

..... can result in a number of potential outcomes, numbered in order of likelihood;

1. Humiliation when confronted by someone bestowed with genuine intelligence.
2. Feelings of shameful fraud, when will someone rumble me?
3. Uncontrollable but joyfully body shuddering ejaculations of thy true self,
i.e. a puerile little oik child in mannish clothing.

See here for an example of such a juvenile spasm.
My entry to a competition to design a skateboard bowl.
This was the best I could muster. I mean, come on, what else was there to do?

The competition should you wish to enter, although I imagine I have already won, is here on this website which is really good for getting nice t shirts and ace pairs of Vans.


Michael said...

Nice design. I don't know if it's still there but there really is a skatepark near London (Harrow) that used this very same design. The 'deep bowl' area was known as the 'dog's bollocks'. Enjoy the shoes.

Harry Malt said...

I've heard those bollocks mentioned....
Dunno if Harrow skate park is still there, I read somewhere it was going to be shut..
Thanks for the shoes, I'm well happy about about that,
also one day I hope to come down and have a go in this soon to be bowl....

james said...

i think i would start skating again if there were parks with proper design like this. nice job mr. malt

-bar feater