Friday, 20 February 2009

Justification for, or vindication of puerality.

The last time I won something was at a tombola in Hockering circa 1985, a gift pack of three pebble shaped lavender scented soaps. Possibly an exciting and practical bounty for a sixty year old woman but not for a seven year old boy. So how happy I am to have won something I can and will use. Trainers. Thanks you Flatspot I like the cut of your jib. One day I will come to your bowl in my spiffy new trainers and do some laybacks. I still have the soaps if anyone is interested.


P.M said...

SO sick!

Get em to make it into a t-shirt.

Harry Malt said...

ha ha
great idea!
are you going to be NYC march 16 -26?
hope you're good