Thursday, 9 October 2008

There is a ghost in my house

I am encouraging violence with this image, it is intended to provoke the viewer into taking up arms and marching out against the world. Fight for your right to live in close proximity to a Tescos and a fried chicken shop, for god's sake, we the people demand these conveniences.
Pop a pellet into your local independent shop owner's non line towing ass. If I wanted bespoke I'd live in India. WTF. OMG. In the words of Biafra, Give me convenience or give me death.


kathrynm said...

i saw the video on todd selby's site for looking through peoples houses about david bowie. it was a nice thing to watch..

HMDP said...

Thanks, I enjoyed reading it to Todd, it is the first time the book has seen the light of day/the internet.