Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stop being so serious & dude, where's my memory?

In an attempt to remember how to blog I was looking over some old posts this morning, it was an interesting exercise. Seemingly years ago I did some drawings for a book humorously titled 'Does Anything Eat Shit'? I had forgotten all about it so I went on Amazon to find the book. Judging from the cover image I was a little distracted at the time.

One reviewer who enjoyed the book (he's in a minority) is asked by another, (the founder of a literary festival in the Wirral) if he is having sex with the author. Ha ha.

The reviews all contain phrases and words like, this book is a waste of paper, prosaic, cruel, nasty, to be avoided, pointless, a waste of money and the old childish chestnut. One review discovers his family hate him. (Every cloud) I was a bit disappointed to find no mention of my lovely drawings, until I saw this review from an obviously intelligent person whose name is a bit like mine, weird huh? 

It's a bit like these people think they are literary critics or something. I bet they go on Trip Advisor and say things like, 'well I found the service at the Long Stratton Happy Eater well below Michelin Star standard, I mean really do they want my continued custom'?

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