Saturday, 29 May 2010

Knew New York

Here's a picture of the artist's that have been contributing to Aol's
rebrand/exhibition/website/ad stuff etc. Spot Celyn, Dave "what do you mean you don't like the Ipad" White, me, Chrissy Angliker, Paul McAnelly, Jenny Bowers, Darren Booth, Chuck Close, Antoine & Manuel and loads of other people whose names I cannot remember or never knew.

We visited their head office on Broadway which is covered in illustrations, and they have commissioned Chuck Close to produce a series of portraits of creative people including, Gus Van Sant, Dean Kamen and some guy called the Dalai Lama. This was shown in the New Museum also on the Bowery, see it's all very close together 'cos there were a lot of glamourous people wearing heels and whatnot, and it was about 90 degrees c.

Chuck Close is now the proud owner of a copy of Bare Bones, unless he's chucked it out. We all got signed copies of his new book, which are stunning but weigh a tonne and were a nause to carry about all night ha ha. The whole thing was over in a flash and the next day we had to go meet Wolff Olins and Aol Brand Team for a presentation, which was fun,
"Hi, my name's Harry and I'm from London and I draw pictures."
They were all lovely and positive.
No Londonish undercurrent of cynicism to be found anywhere.

Here is the Aol artists site.



rantinnravin said...

They sound "great".

Emily said...

No Londonish undercurrent of cynicism to be found anywhere.

I agree on this- can we please give this up??