Friday, 31 July 2009

Get your eyes and mind around this

Another highly talented and fiercely independent friend has a new website. Showcasing a field of interest as wide ranging and unpredictable as the man himself, his work is a surprise and pleasure to watch from inception to conclusion. Portraits and interviews with, Lewis Floyd Henry, Patti Smith, Femi Foto, Phillip Jones Griffiths, Stanley Greene plus a whole swathe of young London designers. Studies of and cultural immersion in post Communist Bulgaria and life for the surviving original members of the NYC underground vandal/artist scene. Mysticism, tragedy, love and a thirst for all aspects of life. A bloody-minded-windy-miller-look a like inspiration.

Oh, and there is a cash prize of biblical enormity for the person who can name the camera shy bass player in the 28 Costumes music video. (He is the one facing the wall) 
All answers addressed to me, via the dreamzone wi-fi interweb.