Friday, 19 June 2009

Modern passtimes. No 1.2a

In the vein of all things current and contextual, performance, personality and personal appearance are the key elements. The Lids Are Off is the future of commercial illustration. It is no longer acceptable to only produce a magazine or just to do something tidy, contained and illuminating for piece of dishwater editorial. Live and en situ is how it has to be. Criteria for judging, critiquing and appreciating drawings will have change, encompassing video and sound recordings just to keep pace. The long kept client smokescreen of what happens to the piece of paper is eroded, as they peer from their office windows down over your shoulder and onto your mural and see first hand how these mysterious images are made. "He didn't even use pencil first!" And giving more weight to the well known phrase, "My daughter could do that, and she's only six."

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like a young richard madely