Thursday, 7 May 2009

2009 The year of the corporate/artistic collaboration.


thefalcon said...

One of my shoes is heavier than the other and as a consequence I'm veering to the left, the sole has worn and worn itself away exposing the spongy stuff that makes these babies comfy, the spongy stuff is soaking up all of the fluids in the world and retaining them camel fashion so that the heavier the shoe becomes the veering increases and without minor course corrections would have me spiralling out of control in a flurry of concentricity until reaching a point of no return I'd be accelerating ever inwards and downwards collapsing in upon myself - if allowed to go unchecked my mass would compress itself to a micron of a pinhead before popping out of existence in the creation of a new Black Hole (just outside of Newmarket) and then we'd all be fucked so be glad I'm not too lazy to take care in the direction I travel and lend me a tenner towards some new shoes.

Harry Malt said...

Send me your address, I'll post you a tenner straight away. Newmarket is no place to end up, unless you're a horse.