Monday, 23 March 2009

New York minute.

Up on the 4th floor in room four one five these two things are hanging. Invading and popping bright in the daylight hours and creeping and burning into the susceptible brain at night-time. Waste no more time reading this tripe, head out into the day and stay hungry for new eye food and fingers feels. Elusive and intangible as these things may be, getting yourself closer to them has to be better than not trying at all. Still a work in progress this hotel should be opening in April. Today was electric every metal object I came into close contact with produced a tiny sharp blue white spark making me jump in minute pain like a scared girl. I bet Jack London never jumped like a scared girl. But then he never had a laptop or Air Maxes so bollocks. I am bouyant on the American Dream raft 2009.

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