Friday, 9 January 2009

Neu Jahre unt neu traum

Back now, allowed onto my computer again, what is left of it, after a thourough fingering/investigation by the boys in blue. I am currently facing an ASBO order which will prevent me from carrying paint and or pens in public. Comparisons between me and David Jell from Seven Oaks, the serial woman abuser, are over the top. The "offense" I commited was a light hearted piece of public humour, not defamation of women their nicknames and sexual proclivities. I tried to explain this to the local magistrate, who remained unmoved in her descision, I think her daughter lived in the flats, just my luck. Obviously not being able to carry pens in public will seriously effect my abilty to perform my job to any level of satisfaction. I will be forced to go underground, like the estate kids hiding knives, secreting pens all over London in case of an emergencies or unmissable opportunities. I will travel at night, avoiding the intrusive glare of streetlights and public transport. If caught pen in hand, I will be put in prison, criminalised. I intend to appeal.
See here for yourselves, serious crime or an admittedly juvenile piece of petty vandalism?


james said... what were you going to write when 5-0 busted your ass

harry said...

Harry woz here

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