Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Home invasion

"I Love David" book by Harry Malt video by The Selby from the selby on Vimeo.

Todd Selby "from New York" has put up some photos on his webage, have a look, check out the skull bacon, back yard gymnastics, union jacks and jesus in a nit wit hat. I'm going to hell.


Yannina Thomassiny aka Cassette said...

i love your job!! im from mexico and i am art journalist , i would love to see more of your job to tall about it, you have some pics to publicate??

Todd said...

i want to publicate you hommie!!!

HMDP said...

I'll send you some work

tenga un buen día

Yannina Thomassiny aka Cassette said...

wow thanks for the link!! i happy for that! i hope you enjoy my blog of mexican and world art, your job is beautifut, i want to writte about u


bianca jagger....bitch......ugly aswel

Elle said...

I found you through The Selby. Love your work.. and your house! Where in London do you live? I want to buy a house like that.

HMDP said...

Hackney in east London, its the place to be, if you don't mind being mugged, stabbed and harrassed,
seriously, it's really nice, come visit.

Madeleine said...

IM SO PROUD! your interview was SO cute. your house looks amazing. your bike looks rude.

well done on being an uber cool couple and getting on the e=selby!! its mine and hannahs goal in life to be on that website. we just need an amazing house first..! x x x

HMDP said...

and you shall
i'm sure
of it

ELLE said...

Haha well I'm from Enfield, North London and have been mugged already so I think I have thick enough skin for Hackney. Moving back to London from uni life in Leeds in May so we'll see- I may take you up on that offer. I'd love to get into styling, maybe your mrs could give me a few tips!

HMDP said...

ha ha, north london is the only part of london i haven't been mugged in. (yet)

hackney is best

if you want any tips send her an email, I'm sure she'd give you some good advice.


jeanie annan-lewin said...

erm your all kinds of amazing do you ever do work with other people please say yes.