Friday, 20 June 2008

The Wizard Number One

Issue number one of Wizard, the first skate magazine to come from the green shores and rough concrete ledges of Eire. Get a copy of it as soon as you can, I went straight home after getting it, got out my board and started kitchen skating, do not under estimate the power of this mag. It has serious pop and kick to kill legs, its going all the way. And it's got one of my drawings in it.
Well done and thanks to Richard Gilligan, craic agus 'crete.
Check his website and blog over there on the right filed under Richard Gilligans Wake.


em-be said...

where can I get one?

hurryupharry said...

I'll get you a copy and ost it to you old bean.
Hope you are well.
Send me your address.

Herr Malt