Wednesday, 19 March 2008


That big long list of words was really good to do, it all came quickly right on the spot and flowed out of the end of the pen. Posca pens are amazing, sometimes they even think for you. If Posca pens would like to sponsor me in any way I'd be happy to discuss some high level endorsement. Highlight of this week was accidentally setting off the fire alarm. I was right at the top of the scaffolding and could see Mc Canners getting reluctantly up from their desks and slowly moving towards the doors hoping that the alarm stop before they got outside or burned to death. Personally I was very impressed to see how quickly and efficiently the designated "Fire Marshalls" on each floor donned fluro bibs and immediately looked busy. After I'd owned up, someone sent an email around the whole building explaining why they were all made to go outside. Ha Ha. Everyone was very kind, some even thanked me for punctuating a meeting.

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