Thursday, 6 March 2008

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The are over 500 brown bears in Slovakia. Last year a hunter woke one up from it's hibernation. The bear attacked him so he killed it with his gun. Aren't we a hoot, humans. Timothy Treadwell lived with the bears for many seasons. Berlin's civic symbol is a bear. Russia, commonly represented as a boozy old bear. Paddington, Steiff, Rupert, Bungle, a constellation, Gentle Ben, a bear baiting pit in Headingley near the cricket ground, Mark Wallinger, Teddy and a punk bear I made with my mum featured in the newspaper that won me a Blue Peter badge. And now, polar ones are a heart string tugging symbol for the impending watery fate we'll all face unless we recycle more bottled water bottles.


Martyn said...

So this is what you've been up to. Bless you for adding endless festival to your linkages.

Lots of love and kisses


microtard said...

Don't forget the Berenstain bears, the world's first (and only) Jewish bears to be immortalized in children's lit.