Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Maps are as old as the hills.

Way back when since people were 5ft 2 inches, lived all the way until 32 and general consensus was that the world was as flat as a rizla paper stuck on a fat person's shoe, maps have taken a central role in defining the way in which information is recorded and relayed to the eager and mainly illiterate masses. The importance of accuracy and quality of first hand information could not have be prized too highly. Continuing in this grand and socially important tradition, I present you this fine example of what can be achieved when three like-minded and slightly bored individuals combine their peanut sized knowledge of Eastern Europe's geography, focusing on Romania, and the lay out of the bordering countries look like in the twenty first century. Be amazed. Luis and Vali I salute you and your cartographic abilities. The humunculous lump in the centre of our diagram is the Ukraine laying on top of Romania like a lazy cat and the vastness of Hungary sprawling all over there somewhere. Apparently there are only two things in Hungary, a lake and a lot of grass land.

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