Thursday, 21 February 2008

Day Six

The top image is a chart detailing the daily ins and outs, a kind of Brownian motion that takes place in Mc Cann Erickson. These are in the account handling department and have cause some laughs. Which is relieving. 

The middle image has caused a lot of speculation and discussion. "Why is the client a cat?" 
Is it; 

  1. Because we have to look after them? 
  2. Because they are pussies when it comes to taking risks? 
  3. Is it based on the shape shifting pipe smoking cat from Mikhael Bulgakov's Master and Margarita?
  4. Is that arrow pointing at the cat's anus. (I dismiss this a purile and pay it no more heed than it deserves.)
The bottom is that pen count to date. Today I get in contact with Posca.

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